Andy and Cassie Miller 

Andy and Cassie and daughters Sophia are Vera are serving with SEND International in a 5 state area while residing in Huntington  

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Joe and Natalie Reed

Joe and Natalie work with local churches and non-profits in Boston, MA to provide leadership development support. They're serving with NieuCommunities, a branch of CRM. They have three children - Ezra, Keziah and Malachi. 

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Jeff and Jenifer Ott                         

Jeff and Jenifer and their son, Emerson, are serving with CRM in Malaga, Spain. If you would like to stay in touch with their ministry, you can do so online through their blog. There is additional information on how you can provide them additional support through the "partner with us" tab.

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Brian and Betka Reynolds

Brian and Betka are serving in Vienna, Austria where Brian teaches K-12 art at the International Christian School of Vienna. They have two young sons, Tobi and Izaak

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